City of Kuopio
Tulliportinkatu 31
P.O. Box 228
FIN-70101 Kuopio, Finland
Tel. +358 17 182 111
Fax +358 17 182 058




Photo: Vicente Serra

A wide range of events on Kuopio Festival Weekend

Welcome to Kuopio Festival Weekend, which wll be arranged from Friday 29 to Sunday 31 August 2014. During the festival weekend there are a wide range of events in Kuopio.

Kuopio Community College offers courses from children to seniors

Kuopio Community College offers every year over a thousand courses, where students can learn new skills or continue to study subjects that they enjoy. Attend to courses, registration can be made by Internet or by visiting the Customer service of Community College.

Open Door Day at the City Hall

The city of Kuopio welcomes to an Open Door Day event on Saturday, August 30, 2014. The event is held at Kuopio City Hall from 10 am to 1 pm.


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