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#Kpoweek 14.-20.12.2020

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The joy of Christmas at Puijo hill area, beloved christmas songs and a Light Week at the Kuopio market squre...   It’s time to make some plans for this week!

Streamed Christmas concert 15.12. at 18.00

Kuopio church music students Christmas concert from Kuopio Music Centre concert hall. Students perform Christmas music from all over Europe from the Middle Age to the present day. There will be Christmas choral music led by students, beloved Christmas songs, soprano from G. F. Handel's Messiah and J. S. Bach's organ music.

More information: https://bit.ly/373cMYr  

Valoviikko (Light Week) illuminates Kuopio's market square 16.-22.12.

Light Week which will be implemented for the first time this year, will brighten up the dark season and create a safe lighting experience in the urban environment.


The lighting experience can be viewed safely from the market square, where it is easy to keep the recommended safety distances. Everyone can choose the best moment to visit the city center during Light week. The lighting changes it's tone every day, so the view is different each time.

The joy of Christmas in Puijo!

The regular guest of Christmas, loved by everyone, arrives to delight the families at Puijo hill area! Santa Claus, the Father Christmas himself, is in Puijo on 19.12. at 11-14.  

Remember also augmented reality nature trails, elf doors, virtual ski jumps, Puijo tower winter terrace and the delicacies of the cafés and restaurants!

More information: www.facebook.com/puijopeak

Kuopio Community College concert, livestream on 17.12.

  • 16.00 Mixed choir Veljsiskot
  • 17.00 Chamber Choir Pikantti
  • 18.30 Entertainment Choir Sawo Ensemble

Free concert of Kuopio Community College choirs will be performed livestream from restaurant Maxim via Zoom. See link: www.facebook.com/events/219655836336603/

Christmas swims in Kuntolaakso swimming hall

And as preliminary information for next week: Monday 21.12. christmas swims in Kuntolaakso swimming hall. The hall is open normally 6-21 and in addition to free entry, there will be a peaceful Christmas atmosphere. Welcome!

More events can also be found in Menoinfo the event calendar (mostly in Finnish): https://savonsanomat.menoinfo.fi/  

When participating events, remember to follow these steps:  

  • Take care of good hand hygiene
  • Cough into your sleeve or a tissue  
  • Remember 1-2 metre safe distance
  • Please wear a mask
  • If you have symptoms, stay at home and get tested
  • Download the Koronavilkku app