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A mushroom trip to Suonenjoki 25.9.

How much do you know about mushrooms ?
There are plenty of mushrooms in the forest now.
If you want to know more, you can participate in a mushroom trip in Suonenjoki.
Kuopio Museum and the Mushroom society of Savo region organise a mushroom trip on Saturday, September 25th at 11-14 o`clock.
Take a mushroom knife, a basket and some snack with you.
You can inform about your participation by e-mail: mari.wikholm@kuopio.fi First 20 persons can take part in the trip.
Meeting at the parking place of Suonenjoki indoor Ice Rink, address: Koulukatu 6, 77600 Suonenjoki.
Additional information about the trip: ph. 044 718 1543