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Advance briefing in case of possible blackouts

Local power companies accomplish possible blackouts circling the areas.

Blackouts usually last for about two hours. Power companies inform about blackouts to their clients beforehand by disturbance messages. In addition, companies inform about blackouts at their web pages and in social media. There are instructions for anticipation for blackouts at power companies` web pages.

Electricity shortage may also come acutely, then it is impossible to inform about it in advance. Energy companies try to predict possible blackouts beforehand according to weather conditions.
Remember these things during possible blackouts:
Switch off all electronic devices (such as stove, oven and coffee machine) at the beginning of the blackout. You may leave one light on, in order that you notice when the blackout is over.
Avoid using water during the blackout (for example flashing the toilet, using shower or bath, washing dishes), even if clean water comes as usual. Water may be very hot.
Avoid unnecessary opening of fridge and freezer.
Lifts do not work during the blackout.
Streetlights are off in the blackout areas. Also, some traffic lights are off, at which time we are obliged to follow traffic signs. 
Prepare for blackouts beforehand
Clarify your energy company`s information channels. Check and inform, if needed, your phone number to the energy company, so that you can get a text message about possible electricity shortage.
Practice beforehand what do you do during the blackout. Get home necessary things, which you may need during the blackout, check if you can find them when blackout starts. 
In case of blackout, it is good to have for example a pocket light, headlamp and candles or lights which operate by batteries, reserve power source, bottled water and food, which you can eat without heating. 
In blackout period phone and internet access may operate just for a while, so it is good to get a radio, which operates with batteries. City gives an official information during the blackout by radio.
Additional information about preparing for blackouts: www.72tuntia.fi
Effects to the city services
Anticipation is a part on municipality`s operation and there are plans for exceptional situations such as blackouts. City tries to keep its services as normal as possible.