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Ana García and Álvaro Romero from Spain

We came to Finland 5 years ago to work as dentists at a Social Health Care Center. Our job situation was not very good in Spain and we were searching for an opportunity and, why not, an adventure!

Thanks to Eures (a network of employment services covering all EU countries) it was quite easy: We already had a job when we came here with a group of Spanish dentists and nurses.


 - I have to confess that I never thought of Finland as a probable destination. I always thought that if I ever went abroad, it would be to England or France (because of the language and the proximity). Then one day I just stumbled upon a job offer from Finland in the Colleague of Dentists and thought - why not? It just sounded so exciting! It has always been easy for me to learn different languages and I took it as a new challenge.


 - I moved to Kuopio a couple of years ago after first living in Iisalmi and that’s how my Kuopio story begins. I work as a dentist in the healthcare center and in a private clinic as well. I love my workplaces and I think I have a great opportunity to develop my career here. The fact that Kuopio has a university with a dental school is very important for me as it gives one the opportunity to be up to date on the newest procedures and treatments.

The adaptation has not been that difficult for us and people have always been very nice to us here. In our opinion, learning the language is very important and helps you very much in everyday life.

Kuopio has the perfect balance between a big and a small city. You can enjoy the stunning nature (very old woods and peaceful lakes, northern lights... ) and at the same time you have all the facilities of a big city, but without the long distances. Furthermore, this is a very safe city.

The cultural scene in Kuopio is quite good. Alvaro enjoys going to the theater and it is not difficult to find live music somewhere almost every day. Ana also loves going out and being outdoors, walking in the woods and cycling in summer and ice-skating in winter.

You never know what the future holds, but we would like to stay in Kuopio for a very long time.