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Apaja Vaccination Center got more appointment times for Influenza vaccinations.

Please make an appointment primarily online: www.kuopio.fi/eterveyspalvelut or by phone number 044 718 6921. Appontments by phone between 8 and 15 o`clock.

You can also get a Covid vaccine together with Influenza vaccine. At the same time it is possible to get Pneumococcus vaccine by a cost price, if you bring the vaccine with you.

Notice these rules when you come to get a vaccine:

Do not come if you are ill; We recommend using the face mask; Please put on suitable clothes for vaccination to your shoulder; Remember to keep safe distance when waiting for your turn.

Information about Influenza vaccinations and persons, justified for free vaccination: Seasonal vaccinations | Kuopio

Apaja Vaccination Center is situated under the Market Place, E-door.