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Autumn season in Kuopio Music Center offers versatile performances

In autumn 2022 we will enjoy again some versatile and rousing live music in Kuopio Music Center. Artworks by Kuopio Symphonic Orchestra will take the audience to different worlds and we can see on the stage the orchestra`s own stars in addition to international conductors and vocalists. Orchestra will perform with some super famous singers also outside the Concert Hall. Versatile selection of Music Center consists of opera, jazz, Finnish pop music, metal music and children`s favourits.

Samuli Edelmann.

Seasonal concerts tell stories

Autumn seasonal program by Kuopio Symphonic orchestra is inspired by stories feeded with imagination. During the first concert we can listen the mestar composer Tan Dun`s work Nu Shu: The Secret Songs of Women, which is based on women`s secret language in China in XIII century. 

In October in Kaija Saariaho`s violin concerto Graal Théătre background is the fight for finding the Graal bowl. In December Pjotr Tšaikovski Nutcracker`s concert version takes us to Christmas night and the fairy tale about Mouse the King. Tickets to eight seasonal concerts are for sale until September 29.

Orchestra`s guests are super famous artists 

In September we will see a long time waited performance by Samuli Edelmann with Kuopio Symphonic Orchestra. In October in Entertainment highways - concert we can enjoy schlager music hits by Arja Koriseva and Mikael Konttinen. In November the concert for the whole family Blue Ball deals with friendship and care about the Earth.

Kuopio Symphonic Orchestra will visit in November and December Airaksela and Muuruvesi church. During Our Kuopio Festival orchestra`s small bands will perform in different places in city center. In Music Center the Orchestra`s season starts on September 9 with premiere of Jukka Linkola`s opera Minna`s Heaven.

Live experiences for each taste

We can enjoy jazz melodies for a few times during this autumn, for example when Mari Palo and Tapiola Big Band come to the stage during the concert Diva swings!  

You can enjoy some Finnish popular music, for example, by Suvi Teräsniska, Arttu Wiskari and Happoradio band. Also some famous Finnish music legends will visit the Music Center with their concerts, such us J. Karjalainen, Jari Sillanpää, Pepe Willberg and Danny, as well as an international super star Bonnie Tyler. 

Entertainment hits will be performed also by Rajaton band, Waltteri Torikka, Jarkko Ahola and Laura Voutilainen. Heavy metal music fans can enjoy Apocalyptica and Sonata Arctica performances. 

Kuopio Music Center ticket sale is open Mon-Fri at 3-5 pm or until the concert`s beginning and in weekends an hour before the performance. Tickets online Lippupiste. Tickets are also for sale in Sokos Kuopio and City Theatre.

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