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Bus ticket prices between Kuopio and Siilinjärvi getting lower since February 1, 2022

Bus ticket prices Kuopio-Siilinjärvi (A-B zones) getting lower since Tuesday February 1, 2022. In future one time ticket for adult is 3,30 €/2,48 €(by Waltti bus card) and seasonal ticket is 53 €, before the prices were for one time ticket 5,50 €/4,13 €(by Waltti bus card) and for seasonal ticket 88 €. Because of the price changes clients may travel cheaper inside the bigger area.

A and B zones will be still in use, but in future all travellers in these zones will get AB-tickets. 

Travelling by Waltti-bus card stays same after 1.2.2022. If you have a bus card for A zone, for example, and you wish to travel to Siilinjärvi, you should choose from the card reader AB zone trip.

More information about the changes on Vilkku web site.