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Christmas tree has appeared on the Market Place

Christmas tree`s appearing to the Market Place is a sure mark of coming holidays. Christmas tree was set on Wednesday November 9 by lumberjacks and  and a crane. Christmas tree will get its lights during the Christmas season`s opening on Saturday, November 19. 

This year`s tree was found at Pihkainmäki hill.

We always choose for the Market Place a good shaped, beautiful and about 20 m tall tree. If chosen tree damages during the cutting, we have a "reserve" tree chosen, - tells Kuopio City`s forester Heikki Soininen.

Christmas tree was transfered to the Market Place by special carriage truck and raised by a crane.

Tree arrived to the Market Place. Photo: Vicente Serra / Kuopio City

In addition to the main Christmas tree, City of Kuopio will get about 15 smaller Christmas trees to different parts of the city.

City of Kuopio wishes a peaceful Christmas waiting to all Kuopio residents!

Christmas tree is raising in front of the City Hall. Photo: Vicente Serra / Kuopio City