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Christmas tree has arrived to the Market place on November 10

Christmas tree on Kuopio Market place is a definite sign of coming Christmas. This year Christmas tree has arrived to the Market place from the forest of Neulamäki.

We try to find a well-shaped and about 20 metres high spruce as a Christmas tree. We have another spruce reserved, in case if actual tree damages during the falling, says Seppo Jauhiainen forest administrator of City of Kuopio.

Christmas tree was brought to the Market place by the carriage truck, on the special holder, especially constructed for such occasions, and it was put up by a big car crane.

In addition, City of Kuopio delivers about 15 smaller Christmas trees to different parts of the city and the area.

Forest department of Kuopio City wishes a peaceful Christmas waiting for all residents of Kuopio!

Joulukuusi pystytetään torille kaupungintalon edustalleChristmas tree was brought to Kuopio Market place in front of the City Hall on Wednesday, November 10. Photo: Vicente Serra / City of Kuopio.