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City of Kuopio is going to donate a plot of land to skier Iivo Niskanen

City of Kuopio offers a plot of land as a gift to the star skier Iivo Niskanen in Saaristokaupunki, Lehtoniemi. Behind it the wish of Niskanen family to build a house in Kuopio.

Triple Olympic winner, representing Puijo Skiing Society, became one of the most significant Finnish sportsmen in recent years and his future goals are still high up. Niskanen and his family live in Kuopio since 2013. Iivo is a familiar sight at the ski trails of Puijo hill, where is a 2,5 km trail, named after him, located as well. Competitive skier is satisfied with a hilly terrain of the area and snowy winters.

”Kuopio City and Iivo have had a cooperation agreement for years and because of the Niskanen family`s wish to build a house we have decided to tie him closely as a part of the city”, tells deputy mayor of the city Jari Kyllönen. ”Iivo is a popular brand emissary among Kuopio residents, who has a unique international career in competitive sports at the highest level.”

Our cooperation includes the promotion of common values by the sportsman`s own example, such as hobby activities for children and youth and a healthy way of life.

Plot of land for Niskanen is located in Saaristokaupunki, Lehtoniemi. 1350 m² size plot`s value is 69 800 euros. According to the plot`s surrender rule the sportsman is responsible for gift tax himself. Kuopio City`s construction board will handle this case on 1.3.2023, city government on 13.3.2023 and city council on 27.3.2023.

Lehtoniemi living area in Saaristokaupunki was preferable for Niskanen in the city`s plots supply. ”Our home has already been in Kuopio for ten years. Kuopio is a magnificent place to live and ski trails at Puijo hill are  the best for exercising in the country. Nature of Lehtoniemi area and proximity of ski trails make this location perfect for our family. We will start the mapping of the building project after the current season.” Iivo commented on the way to the world cup in Planica, Slovenia.

Additional information:

Jari Kyllönen
deputy mayor of Kuopio City
ph. 044 7185501

Kirsi Soininen
marketing director of Kuopio City
ph. 044 718 2020