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Climate event Earth Hour turns off the lights in Kuopio on Saturday

The biggest in the world climate event will take place on Saturday 26.3.2022 at 8.30-9.30 pm. Climate event`s importance will be shown by switching off unnecessary lights inside and outside. City of Kuopio participates in the event by switching off facade lightning and telling about own climate saving actions.

City of Kuopio switches off facade and window lightning from City Hall, Market Hall, Lyseo building and Main library. Puijo tower`s lightning will be switched off too. Kuopio participates in this event for the eleventh time.

Everyone can paticipate in the climate event

Earth Hour is WWF`s biggest climate event, when people around the world switch off all unnecessary lights for an hour. There are more ideas for participating at WWF`s website. This year during Earth Hour we collect promises for our shared planet. By these promises we can encourage the decision makers to effective decisions for climate and nature. You can make a promice at campagne`s website.

Kuopio`s goal is to be coal neutral in year 2030

There are some actions made for achieving the goal:

  • Since 2021 city has used only renewable electricity.
  • Heat energy of city`s own properties is 94 % renewable.
  • Kuopio Energy deployed in 2020 in Savilahti cold water from Kallavesi lake for cooling the properties environmental-friendly.
  • There are 13 electric buses and 27 biodiesel buses in use in Kuopio.
  • City`s food services have developed a new food spoilage app and plan climat-friendly menu.
  • In May city bike`s family will grow to 350 bikes.
  • Niiralan Kulma has made an own environment program and got charging spots for electric cars.
  • Students can live in their student apartments by Kuopas Oy using renewable electricity and heat.


Earth Hour: photo by Laura Karlin / WWF