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Environmental artwork Harvest of the season rises to Iloharju traffic circle

In the center of Iloharju traffic circle, in Savilahti, is completing the environmental artwork Harvest of the season, which continues the story of an old pinewood, logged in Iloharju region. The sculptor, environmental artist Jaakko Pernu, started the artwork`s planning in 2021 as a part of Savilahti`s art program Formula of Light.

The artist has shaped the old pinewood by peeling the log and trimming branches. Two big pine cones are attached to both sides of the log. Material demand for making pine cones surprised the artist, because he had to use almost all pinewood`s branches and additionally branches of eight big spruces. The artwork is 8,4 m high and it is an obvious landmark of the area.

Ramboll Finland Oy planned the treetop and artwork`s lightning.

Sculptor and environmental artist Jaakko Pernu lives and works in Kälviä. During last years he has made public artworks also in Central Europe and in Canada. Pernu`s environmental artworks are usually big and represent interaction relations between human and nature.