Uutiset Uutiset


Free Christmas swimming and gym 20.12 in Kuntolaakso and 21.12 in Lippumäki

Traditional Christmas swimming in Kuntolaakso swimming pool on Tuesday 20.12. and in Lippumäki swimming pool on Wednesday 21.12. Free swimming and gym for the whole day.

Live music by awesome Hanna Rajaniemi in Kuntolaakso 20.12. at 9.30-10.15 am and in Lippumäki 21.12. at 8.30-9.15 am. 

Water aerobics for everyone in Kuntolaakso at 11-11.30 am and in Lippumäki at 10-10.30 am.

Free of charge gym guiding in Kuntolaakso at 8-9 am.

In addition Kuntolaakso and Lippumäki offer their guests glogg, ginger breads and Christmas atmposphere.

Warmly welcome!