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In 2020, influenza vaccine immunisation starts on 10 November

In 2020, because of the coronavirus situation, seasonal influenza vaccination of adult population takes place on 14 and 15 November and 21 and 22 November. Families with children can have their vaccination on any weekday between 10 and 12 November or 17 and 18 November when both children and their guardians will be immunised.

Information about groups entitled to free influenza vaccine is available at Vaccination Service webpage.

You can have a prescription for a pneumococcal vaccine and buy it to be administered at the same time with your flu vaccination. If necessary, you can have also a diphtheria and tetanus vaccination, which is free for local residents as it is a part of the general vaccination programme; for further information, please see THL website.

For information about vaccination times and clinics, please see Vaccination Service webpage: Vaccination times and clinics in Kuopio in autumn 2020.

School children and their families as well as students will be informed about their vaccination services through their school or other educational institution information channels.

Use of a face mask is recommended when coming for your vaccination. Please, follow the alphabetical vaccination schedule to minimise crowds. Also, we ask you kindly wear clothes which allow easy injection into your shoulder.

We can allow only a limited number of people indoors at any given time and in a case of overcrowding, we may have to ask you to wait outdoors.

The influenza vaccine may be administered also at the health centre, if you have an appointment another consultation. For more information regarding vaccination, ask the nurses in your area, please see also Urgent Medical Care and Emergency Services webpage.