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In Kuopio City museums the best visitors`year of all times - during the Night of Arts almost 10 000 visitors!

Renewed Kuopio Museum, Microsculpture exhibition and opening of basic exhibitions interested museum`s visitors. In summer 2022 Kuopio Museum visited even 50 % more people than last summer. Also Old Kuopio Museum`s exhibitions interested visitors and raised the visitors`count to 37 % since last year. In Kuopio Art Museum was presented an exhibition of Mikko Valtonen`s production. In summer visitors`amount was the same as before.
If we check the whole year, there is an upward in visitors`amount. Before, about 15 000 people visited Kuopio Art Museum in year, but now there were already 16 215 visitors until end of August. There is a big upward in Kuopio museums`visitors amount. Before there were about 35 000 visitors in year, but this year there are already 55 364 visitors until the end of August.
July was especially lively in Kuopio Museum, but in Art Museum and Kuopio Old Museum August was more lively than July. Night of Arts tempted this year the record amount of visitors to all three museums: 4 671 to Kuopio Museum, 3 003 to Art Museum and 2 301 to Kuopio Old Museum. In summer were arranged 141 guided tours in all three museums and additionally 46 workshops and other events.