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Kuopio City Government takes a stand against racism

Kuopio wants to be a good life capital, where people can enjoy freedom of speech, religion and live free.

We work for different population groups`interaction and cooperation. We respect people`s basic rights, personal value and equal gender`s rights.
On March 21 we celebrate an international day against racism. Kuopio citizens represent about 100 different nationalities and it is important, that everyone can live here peacefully. City government accents respect between the citizens and understanding importance in all situations.

Russia`s act of war in Ukraine causes feelings in all of us. Advisory board of Ethnic relations reminds, that Russian army attacked Ukraine by the order of Russian government`s leadership. It was not a Russian nation, who attacked. No one can blame people with Russian background, who live in Finland, for the situation in Ukraine. Now it is important to support Ukraine and Ukrainians – those, who stay in their homeland and those, who left it because of war. We can not advance it by hate speech and harassment in Finland. (The Advisory Board for Ethnic Relations informs: Taking a stand for sympathy and against racism, 15.3.2022)
Kuopio city government wants to remind today and in all other days, that we defend equality and protest against all kinds of discrimination.