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Kuopio Dance Festival`s procession is renewed

Traditional procession during the Kuopio Dance Festival is renewed as a competition and grows bigger than ever before.
– The meaning of this procession is to bring to the festival a real South European, colorful and funny carneval feeling, - describes executive director of the festival Salima Peippo.
Procession will be organized on Saturday 17.6. Any team of 5-20 persons can register for the competition. Teams will plan their performance and a theme, which consists dancing, costumes and make-up according to the theme.
– We are not looking for professional performers in the procession, but want to encourage any group to participate. Any team can win the main prize by a good planning, group work and a good idea, - tells Peippo.
The procession leaves at 10 am from the city center and ends at the Market Place, where the prize distribution will be done. The main prize of the competition is 1000 € and the second prize is 500 €. Sponsor of the competition is Peeässä.
The jury will appreciate, for example, a group spirit and integrity, creativity and individuality, difficulty of choreography and a contact to the audience.
Registration is open until 28.5. 

More information at the festival`s web page.