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Kuopio is a part of the Million garbage bags - campaign by YLE

Kuopio is a part of the national campaign of a public service media company YLE - Million garbage bags. The goal of the campaign is to encourage people to collect a million bags of garbage from the environment and to reduce indifference of littering. The campaign starts on 13.4. and continues until the middle of June. City of Kuopio takes part in this voluntary work by informing and loaning tools for collecting garbage from libraries and valtuustotalo-building. In addition, societies can request grants from the city for garbage voluntary work.

When the campaing starts on 13.4., Kuopio residents can loan tools for collecting rubbish from city libraries and the customer service of valtuustotalo-building. We will collect more information at the city`s own campaign web page.

Grants from the city for garbage voluntary work

City of Kuopio will give grants for organizing garbage voluntary work in public areas. Grants will include garbage bags for collecting, a dumpster and garbage abduction. These grants can request, for example, resident societies, village committees and other societies or groups. 

You should inform the city about coming garbage voluntary work by e-mail (kunnossapito(at)kuopio.fi) a month before, so it is enough time to order a dumpster.

Read more about requisting the grants.

Collected garbage bags will be marked in real time to the updating counter

In two months long garbage collecting voluntary work 130 municipalities and cities together collect from the environment a million bags of litter. Anyone can collect garbage also independently: alone or together with friends or family.

Collected garbage bags will be marked in real time to the updating counter of the municipality or city where the litter was collected. There is a real competition between the Finnish localities coming! Counter will open on Monday 10.4. at the address yle.fi/miljoonaroskapussia.

Read more from the Yle web page.

Additional information:
Mari Turunen, environment specialist, City of Kuopio
phone: 044 718 2870, mari.turunen(at)kuopio.fi

Garbage voluntary work grants
Jari Savinainen, developer of greenspaces, City of Kuopio
phone: 044 718 5552, jari.savinainen(at)kuopio.fi