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Kuopio residents celebrate the Independence Day in the Music Centre

City of Kuopio arranges the open for all residents Independence Day celebration on Tuesday 6.12.2022 in Kuopio Music Center. Coffee serving for the audience starts at 12 am in the Valohalli hall and the celebration starts at 1 pm in the concert hall.  
Kuopio city orchestra plays melodies by Jean Sibelius, leaded by conductor Atso Almila. Riikka Leinonen leads the Mother`s Voice choir from Kuopio Community College. Community College`s theatre group, leaded by Johanna Leksis, brings to the stage a cavalcade of many familiar characters from the past and nowdays. Kristian Pyykkö and his pupils accompany the celebration.   
In the celebration we also can see a warm dance performance Meeting in Kuopio by Harriet Jeffery, Sonja Rönkkö and Anni-Ilona Hiltunen. Greetings from the City of Kuopio brings I vice-chairman of city council Leila Savolainen. 
Celebration will be live streamed and it is possible to see it online also for two weeks after the celebration.  
Audience can park their cars at the Music Center`s parking area and under the Market Place. 
Karelia Wing will arrange a traditional depositing a wreath at the Hero Park/ Sankaripuisto and at Kuopio cemetery at 12 am. Information about other Independence Day`s celebration events you can find here: www.kuopio.fi/itsenaisyyspaiva
You are warmly welcome to celebrate independent Finland with us! Free advance to coffee serving and to the celebration for everyone.