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Local defense exercise in Kuopio 24.–28.2.2020

Local defense performance is being practiced together with various authorities in Northern Savo region on 24-28 February 2020. The Savo-Karjala20 -exercise will be held between Tuesday and Thursday in Kuopio and Siilinjärvi. The city of Kuopio is involved in the exercise.

The exercise led by the Kainuu Brigade will be attended by staff from the Kainuu Brigade and the Karelian Air Force, as well as various authorities including: police, rescue services and border guard. Around 460 participants are from the Defense Forces. The exercise develops the readiness of the Armed Forces so that they can react quickly in case of disturbances, locally and nationally, in cooperation with other authorities.

The City of Kuopio is involved in the exercise and aims to develop crisis communication, command center operations, escape safety and the establishment of an evacuation / preparedness center. There are participants in the evacuation center training from the City of Kuopio’s Social and Health Services as well as volunteers, students from security sector, pupils with their teachers from nearby schools, Sakupe (textile care company in the Kuopio University Hospital) and Kuopion Vesi (Kuopio water works). A total of about 200 people will take part in Wednesday's evacuation and preparedness exercise.

The Savo-Karjala20 -exercise will be apparent for public between Tuesday and Thursday in Kuopio and Siilinjärvi. Trainers and referees monitor the activities at the training sites.

During the exercise, the Defense Forces’ telephone line is open for possible contacts by the citizens: +358 41 751 9443.

You can follow the exercise on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #savokarjala20.

For more information about the exercise, visit the Finnish Armed Forces website (in Finnish): maavoimat.fi/paikallispuolustusharjoitukset

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