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Midsummer celebration in Kuopio

This week we celebrate Midsummer, which is full of magic, birch smell and fun for all of us!

Let`s make joyful and save Midsummer together.
If you go boating, please put a life jacket on. Watch your kids near the shore. Swim always along the shore, so, if necessary, you can easily get away from water. Especially during hot days remember to drink enough and eat something salty.
Take care about yourself and others!

Here are few tips for Midsummer celebration in Kuopio.

Midsummer bonfires:
At Jätkänkämppä lodge near Spa Hotel Rauhalahti is organized Midsummer evening for the whole family. It starts with the flag lifting at 6 pm and continues with a traditional bonfire at 8 pm. Smaller Midsummer bonfire for kids will be burned on the shore of Rauhalahti camping at 7 pm. Both bonfires depend on weather conditions. 

Lake cruises: 
You can watch Midsummer bonfire in Rauhalahti also from the lake. Boat cruise leaves on Midsummer eve from Kuopio harbor at 7 pm, stops next to Rauhalahti for bonfire watching and returns to harbor at 9 pm. Bar and cafe at the boat are at your service during the whole cruise.
Additional information: www.kuopiotahko.fi/tapahtuma/juhannusaaton-iltaristeily/ 

During the Midsummer weekend you can go to a cruise also from Rauhalahti. Additional information: 

Cruise on Lake Kallavesi brings you an atmosphere of Midsummer celebration!

Midsummer dances at the harbor:
There are traditionad dances at Midsummer eve 24.6.2022 at Kuopio harbor`s Market Place. Hostess of the evening is Piia Tuovinen, who will also perform during the evening, as well as dance music band Uhkapelurit.
Additional information: www.ilovekuopio.fi/fi/ajankohtaista/sataman-juhannustanssit