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Musicians from Kuopio Symphony Orchestra will perform in Kuopio center 26.8.

Kuopio Symphony orchestra`s musicians will meet the audience in different places of Kuopio center on Friday 28.8 during Our Kuopio Festival. Listeners will get to the Night of Arts atmosphere already in day time and enjoy some beautiful music and skillful performances for free. Your orchestra visiting - performances will take place in 120 years old Market Hall, in Old Kuopio Museum, in Kanttila`s yard and in Kuopio Museum.

Orkesterin muusikoita kävelee jousisoittimen sivun päällä.

During Kuopio Market Hall`s 120th anniversary orchestra`s string quartet performs at 11 am: Eleonora Oswald / violin, Evgeny Pravilov / violin, Ilja Vasiliev / viola and Amanda Kiiski / cello. Same quartet will also perform in Kuopio Museum at 5 pm. In quartet`s program are famous hits of classical music, such as W.A. Mozart`s Eine kleine Nachtmusik and Andante festivo by Jean Sibelius.

In Kuopio Old Museum plays at 3 pm orchestra`s n woodwind duo Nevio Keller / oboe and Ananta Diaz / bassoon. Duo performs some beautiful Baroque music by J.S. Bach and Antonio Vivaldi. In Kanttila`s yard performs orchestra`s copper trio: Auri Lampela / horn, Vitoldas Sokolnikas / trumpet and Jon Roskilly / trombone. In their program you can hear Herbert Lindholm`s Kuopio-fanfaari II and Jan Koetsieri`s Figaro Metamorphosen

All concerts in August 26 are free of charge and at the same time you can get to know Kuopio Symphonic Orchestra`s autumn seasonal program. New season starts by Minna`s Heaven opera premiere in Music Center 8.9. and continues 17.9. by collective concert with Samuli Edelmann.

Seasonal cards to Kuopio City Orchestra`s autumn concerts are for sale until 29.9. in Music Center, Sokos Kuopioa and online.