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New electric buses started operating

The city of Kuopio is moving to a low-carbon public transport fleet among the top cities in Finland. The new electric buses started operating on Monday June 7th. Their driving forces are renewable biofuels, renewable biodiesel or electricity. About 80% of the Kuopio´s local transport is environmentally friendly from now on.

There are 13 new electric buses and 27 buses with renewable biodiesel in Vilkku public transport in Kuopio. The buses run on most lines in the city area. The new electric buses are made in the Netherlands by VDL.

The electric buses started operating on June 7th. In the picture (from the left) the Deputy Mayor of Kuopio Jari Kyllönen, Public Transport Manager Kaisu Matinniemi, the Mayor of Kuopio Jarmo Pirhonen and Kuopion Liikenne Ltd. CEO Riku Sand. Picture: Vicente Serra / City of Kuopio.  

The buses are charged with renewable electricity at the operator’s depot during the night. In addition, recharging is performed during day breaks.

In addition to emissions, the noise level will also decrease significantly with the transition to electric buses. Quiet sound and smooth passage make the trip even more pleasant.

The new electric buses can be identified by a taping in the car with a smiley electric plug with the text "loaded to move".

In Kuopio, the relative share of electric buses in local transport is at the top level in Finland. Electric buses handle more than 20 percent of Kuopio's local traffic, which means about 1.1 million kilometres a year. The share of renewable diesel is 53 percent, which means about 2.9 million kilometres a year. The share of buses running on fossil diesel will fall to 26 percent.