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Osuma Weekend event is coming to Bellanranta in May

26.-27.5.2023 in Bellanranta area in Kuopio will be arranged a new event ensemble Osuma Weekend. This event on the shores of Kallavesi lake will offer entertainment for the whole family during the weekend. 

– It`s great to build this kind of event by a new concept and notice how much positive tones and interest it got already. Now there are 60 partners taking part in the event and more are coming, - tells the head of the event Tatu Säisä from Target Events Oy.

Osuma Weekend 2023 appears around the hottest sport trend in Finland - padel. During the weekend we can follow the competitions between amateurs and also between Finnish best players in Finnish Padel Tour partial event. The aim of this year`s event is to get about 300 players in different series.

The event splits to three different places. In Bellanranta will be arranged Finnish Padel Tour`s competitions, in BilleBeino Padel and in Padel Vision will be arranged competitions for amateurs. In Tourist Center Saana on Friday and Saturday will take place an evening event and concerts of Finnish famous artists, such as Isaac Sene, Sexmane, PihlajaHapporadio and Mikael Gabriel.

– Osuma Weekend is the only event in Finland, where you can enjoy the best artists`performances also from the lake. We want to improve the region`s lake tourism, that`s why the stage, sound system and effects will be built to serve also people, who watch the event from the lake, - tells Säisä.

In addition to awesome evening concerts in Bellanranta area will be arranged also program for children.

Additional information about the event:
Tatu Säisä, phone 044 343 0504, tatusaisa@hotmail.com

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