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Our gif to you – borrow new experiences!

Season tickets for sports and culture available with a library card at the Kuopio main library  

Kuopio’s sports clubs and cultural bodies are working together and want to give Kuopio’s residents a special treat: an experience to be borrowed. You can now borrow season tickets to KalPa’s* (ice hockey), KuPS’s (football/soccer), Puijo Volley’s* (volleyball), Steeler’s (American football), Welhot’s* (floorball) games and to concerts of the Kuopio Symphony Orchestra and plays at the Kuopio City Theatre. Some season tickets are available already, some later on (those marked with an asterisk available already).

”By borrowing season tickets, the residents of Kuopio can get new experiences and adventures in a perhaps new and unknown world to them,” states Päivi Savinainen, the director of Kuopio’s library services.

The clubs and cultural bodies want to offer a borrowing service for the season tickets in order to lower the threshold of Kuopio’s residents to participate in their events.

“The borrowing service of the season tickets also promotes equality as participating in events will not depend on money at least,” rejoices the executive manager of Puijo Volley ,Niina Pirskanen.

The marketing director of the Kuopio Music Centre and the Kuopio Symphony Orchestra, Sari Kauhanen, believes that they will see a lot of new faces at concerts thanks to this new cooperation.

“Our wish is that we will see a lot of open-minded newcomers enjoying orchestral music.”

A one-week loan period for the season tickets

Each cooperation partner will offer at least two (2) season tickets to be borrowed. All season tickets are available at the Kuopio main library and they must also be returned to the main library’s customer service.

There is a one-week loan period for the cards, but we hope that customers would return the ticket as soon as they don’t need it anymore so that as many people as possible could get to enjoy the service.

The late fee for returning the ticket after the due date is the same as for fast loans, that is, 0,30 euros/day. If the customer shouldn’t return the ticket at all, it will be invalidated.

The photos and instructions for the season tickets can be found on the second floor of the main library, on the shelf for fast loans. Take the laminated photo of a season ticket to the customer service and they will give you the actual ticket in return.

You can not reserve a season ticket, nor can you renew its loan period. You can contact the main library and ask for the availability of the tickets in advance or check it online. You can borrow two season tickets at a time, so that you can take a friend with you to enjoy the new experiences.

“We are very excited for this new addition to the library’s already versatile services and truly grateful that so many local actors were eager to participate in this service,” states Savinainen.

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