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Outdoor flea market at the Kuopio market square on Sunday 12th August

On Sunday 12th August 2018, there will be an outdoor flea market at the Kuopio market square.

You can come and sell your items with your own table or blanket, or you can rent a table from market square. You can also come to Kauppakatu and sell your items from the trunk of your car.

If you want to rent a table or come with your car, please make a reservation beforehand.

More information and reservations:

If you come with your own table or a blanket, it is not necessary to make a reservation beforehand.

A point of sale for a car or renting a table costs 15 euros. If you bring your own blanket or a table, the point of sake costs 10 euros.

Welcome to sell and buy items or just enjoy the market athmosphere!

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