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Parents of 2.grade pupils, apply for specialized teaching online until 8.1.

Registration for specialized teaching, which starts in the 3.grade has to be made online in Wilma app by parent`s account until 8.1.2023.

Applying for specialized teaching

A pupil may apply to specialized teaching in arts, sports, music, dance and math-natural sciences. 

More information about schools with specialized teaching, entrance exams and times of the exams you can find in the guide for 3.grade pupils / Opas 3. luokalle siirtyvälle: 
www.kuopio.fi/perusopetus -> Perusopetuksen oppaat

Pupils to the specialized teaching will be chosen by entrance exams. All applicants may take part in the entrance exams without any special invitation.

Entrance exam to the specialized teaching in arts includes an advance task, to make at home.