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Presenting Kuopio's nature destinations: Hietasalo Island and beach and Karhonsaari Island

The city of Kuopio will introduce its nature and recreational destinations once a month from now on. This month we’ll have a closer look at Hietasalo Island and beach as well as Karhonsaari Island.

The pearl of southern Kallavesi, Hietasalo Island, is the home of Kuopio’s most beautiful sandy beach with beautiful groves and rocky areas to admire.

You can get to Hietasalo by boat, be it your own boat or canoe, or get on board one of the cruise ships that offer scheduled trips to the island. The distance to Hietasalo from the port is about 5 km and from Saaristokaupunki only about 1,5 km. In addition to the beach, there is a possibility to make a fire, cook, and barbecue or make coffee and there are also covered shelters where to rest. Pack up a nice picnic bag, take on a happy attitude and enjoy the nature!

The timetables for cruises to Hietasalo can be found on the cruise lines’ websites.

Karhonsaari Island is a true nature paradise and a home to an arboretum. Back in the day, the company Kymi was the owner of Karhonsaari and the old villas you see on the island were in the use of the company’s foresters. Nowadays the villas and their surroundings, located at the northern shore of the island, are the property of Savo-Karjalan Luontopiiri – a non-profit union promoting nature and its resources. The foresters have planted various tree species on the island since the beginning of last century. As the area was assigned to the city of Kuopio the arboretum has been taken care of as a recreational area. In addition, two nature conservation areas have been established on the island.

There is a few kilometers long nature trail showcasing the arboretum on the island. Karhonsaari is also only a short boat trip away. You can land near the shelter on the southern beach of the island with a smaller boat. For larger boats, there is a dock near the villas on the northern shore of the island. At the end of Ranta-Toivala road there is a rowing boat you can lend by picking up the key, free of charge, from the customer service desk at the Council Office Building (Suokatu 42).

Moving in the nature is proven to be good for your health, relieves stress and helps you enjoy your everyday life. So, take on an adventure and get to know our nature destinations and enjoy the versatile positive health effects nature has to offer!

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