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Public healthcare, social welfare and rescue services transfer in 2023 to wellbeing services county of North Savo

From the beginning of 2023 the organisation of public healthcare, social welfare and rescue services will be transferred from the municipality to wellbeing services county of North Savo. Reason of this change is Finland`s health and social services reform.
At the beginning this change is not big and you can get services from familiar phone numbers and service places as before. For example, at the beginning of 2023 you can still visit the same health center, dental care or child health center as before. Your reserved times and place in treatment line will not change after the transfering of services. There are no changes coming to rescue services for the residents, because it is already a nationwide.

What changes?

Public healthcare, social welfare and rescue services email addresses will change in 2023. All wellbeing services addresses will end with @pshyvinvointialue.fi. 
Switchboard`s number of the wellbeing services starting from 2.1.2023 is 017 173 311. New service line for elderly persons is 017 273 4100. 
Registry office`s contact information is: Kuopio University Hospital KYS, Building 3, 0-floor, Puijonlaaksontie 2, 70211 Kuopio, kirjaamo@pshyvinvointialue.fi. Official postal address is: Pohjois-Savon hyvinvointialue, PL 1711, 70211 Kuopio.
In future all wellbeing services you can find at the web site www.pshyvinvointialue.fi. This web site is incomplete yet, that`s why you can still use Kuopio City`s web site for wellbeing services for a while, but these web gages will be not updated anymore. 
Wellbeing services
These services will transfer to wellbeing services county of North Savo:
  • health centers and hospitals
  • dental care
  • firs aid, such as ambulance services
  • school- and students health care, curator and psychologist services
  • child health centers
  • mental health and intoxicant services
  • social welfare services
  • child welfare
  • services for disabled
  • home services
  • rehabilitation, for example physiotherapists
  • treatment accessories`distribution and implement services
You can read more about wellbeing services county of North Savo PSSHP.