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Recycling the fox – mobile game encouraging recycling to be tested in schools

The city of Kuopio has received a grant from the Sustainable Urban Development Programme for a trial and development period of the mobile game Ketun kierrätys (recycling the fox) in schools. The game encourages players to recycle and gives advice on how do it correctly.  The goal of the trial period is to develop a version of the game that would also make the players evaluate and think about their own consumption patterns and provide information about solutions for sustainable consumption.

The game is being tested and developed throughout this autumn in a few elementary and middle schools in Kuopio. The goal is to have the game spread to the whole of Finland after the trial period.

 - Our mission is to develop an exciting game to be used as a new kind of tool in environmental education. The pupils at schools will be the first ones to try out and help develop the mobile game, says Anja Räisänen, Environmental Educator at Jätekukko.

The trial is carried out in cooperation with schools and the local waste development company, Jätekukko Ltd. The game is created by the local Rx3 Studio Ltd who also continues with the development of the game. The trial is partly funded by the Ministry of the Environment and a part of the Sustainable Urban Development Programme.