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Respect the food. Food spoilage week starts again.

National Food Spoilage week takes place in September 12.–18. During this week we remind, that food is too good to be wasted. City of Kuopio organizes a virtual lesson for pupils of 4 - 6 grades, where children can learn about food travelling from field to plate, how food spoilage comes and how we can reduce it. 
Food is too good and important to be wasted. Food Spoilage week wants to rise the valuation of food and tell how important is to reduce food spoilage. Food spoilage is all the food, meaned to be eaten, but not used. Food spoilage comes from eating, but also before it, for example during cooking.  
Food spoilage in schools  

Most significant food spoilage in schools are serving and plate spoilage. Serving spoilage is food, which was served on counter, but not eaten and can not be served again according to health regulations. Plate spoilage means food, which was left on the plate.  
Kuopio school kitchens follow food spoilage amounts and mark them in electronical tracking system. School pupils can see the biological waste amount from the spoilage counters by Servica. According to tracking in Kuopio schools, plate spoilage was 7 %. Over left food is also possible to buy in some Servica`s offices.  
The aim of EU, Finland and Kuopio is to reduce to half the food spoilage amount until 2030. According to researches, one third of usage environment load comes from food.   

Food spoilage in ordinary life and ways to reduce it

Each of us throws to litter about 20-25 kg a year of edible food, which value is hundreds of euros. Mostly food spoilage in home kitchens comes from vegetables, fruits, berries and coffee.
Food, produced for no reasons, burdens the environment, because it needs a lot of land and water. At the same time greenhouse gas and releases come. Also food transportation and production burden the environment. If food is wasted, the carbon footprint which comes from food production chain, is unnecessary.  
Everyone can effect to food spoilage reducing in shops and own kitchen, for example by planning food shopping better. Or you can make food from goods you already have in the fridge and which best before date is coming soon. You can see the benefits in your own wallet! Smaller environmental stress is a benefit for all of us.

You can read more at the web page of Food Spoilage Campaign.