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Some Kuopio City services are restricted until 13.1.2022

Kuopio City services are restricted for some time starting from 31.12.2021 to prevent the spreading of Coronavirus

According to the decision of administration of Eastern Finland, City of Kuopio starts some restrictions for preventing the exacerbation of Coronavirus epidemic from 31.12.2021 to 13.1.2022.
These restrictions don`t concern children, born in 2004 and younger and professional sportsmen. 

Restrictions in sport places

These indoor sport places in Kuopio are closed for clients 31.12.2021-13.1.2022.
  • Sport halls in schools (evening and weekend appointments)
  • Kuopio Hall`s middle part (meant for team sports)
  • Football Hall in Lippumäki
  • Sport Hall in Lippumäki 
  • Sport halls and swimming pools in service centers
  • Combat spaces in air-raid shelters
  • Ice Hall
  • Sport halls in Maaninka, Nilsiä and Studentia sport hall

Restrictions in Kino Kuvakukko and Kino Mantu cinemas 31.12.2021-20.1.2022
Amount of these cinemas visitors is limited to 50 persons per performance. Each visitor will get his/her own numbered seat in the cinema. Using of face mask is recommended.

Kuopio Music Center`s performances are relocated 

50 person per event restriction is valid until 20.1.2022. Because of that, Music center`s and Kuopio orchestra`s performances from this period are relocated to the future, for example Minnan taivas opera and Sininen pallo concert.