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Sunsets Kuopio will be held on the first weekend of August

Sunsets Kuopio offers a comprehensive, year-on-year growing program of both sports and entertainment for the whole family.

This year, our country's biggest free sports and entertainment event is growing again, and this year Sunsets Kuopio can also be experienced online, via Livestream and TV broadcast.

New to the program this year will be pole dancing, virtual cycling, twerking, ski jumping, Ahooy Athletics and many others. The level of the international beach volleyball tournament will be amazing this year, and you can watch the finals on Alfa TV. All in all, more than a thousand athletes are expected at the event. Performing this year are Jukka Poika & Band, BESS, Movetron and Pandora.

The course of the event will go traditionally this year, so that during the day you will experience sports and sport trials, and when the evening gets dark, you can enjoy the top artists.

This year, in addition to everything else, an accessible grandstand will be built for the event for those for whom the traditional audience grandstand is not suitable. All in all, the event area will experience a big change with the renovation of the harbor.

More information about the event can be found on the event's website www.sunsetskuopio.com and on social media under the name Sunsets Kuopio.

Sunsets Kuopio night party.