Uutiset Uutiset


Super autumn holidays are coming again!

There is a lot of fun and things to do for children and youth in Kuopio during the autumn holidays on October 18-24th! Cultural and exercise activities are waiting free of charge or by discount prices.  
Many Youth Centers organize free of charge programs and workshops. Kids can make some dream catchers in Pinari, as well as jewelry and fidgets. Also they will bake, play in escape room and climb a wall. Kuikkis organizes a lean-to trip to the Pölhö island. On Tuesday October 19th there is a pop-up Youth Center in Mielitila, Matkus. The Youth Center of Julkula organizes the Hulabaloo, lost treasure hunting and a mystery solving. Check all programs and timetables here: https://kuopionseina.fi/supersyysloma/
Persons under 18 years old can visit the Kuntolaakso swimming pool for free between 8 and 16 o`clock. Jump towers and the Wibit water trick route are waiting for kids.

An Exercise Autumn Holiday Day Camp for children from the 1-2 grades is organized on October 18-20th from 9 am to 2 pm in the Kuopio Hall area.  
In Kuopio Music Center kids can try and get to know to different musical instruments on October 18th at 10-13 o`clock. The event is free of charge.

There is a Let`s play together/Pelataan yhdessä - mobile event on Thursday. The Central library organizes the Lego and robot - workshops on Monday and Tuesday and the QR-koodi orientation event on Wednesday. 
Did you want to learn how to skate? Kuopio Skating Club offers a skating school for everybody. 

There is an Adventure day in Riuttala Farmhouse Museum on October 18th. During the day you get to know how people lived in Finland a long time ago!

More interesting events on the website Kuopion Seinä. Information is in Finnish, but you can ask some Finnish friend to help you or to ask the organizer of the event for more information in English.

Let`s take care about each other and come to the events healthy.

Changes are possible. Additional information about the events: https://kuopionseina.fi/supersyysloma/