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Take a tour with Minna Canth in a world of augmented reality

Starting from the beginning of July, you can travel virtually in the footsteps of Minna Canth through an augmented reality app and visit places that were dear to her. What does Minna Canth have to say about equality for example? The writer herself will be brought to life portraying the 19th century zeitgeist in her salon for you. The young people of Kuopio will bring perspectives and visions about the future to you –naturally in the spirit of Minna Canth. The tour is also made more realistic by virtually presenting photos and things that belonged to Minna Canth.

You can take an AR tour (AR = augmented reality) by downloading the Salmi app on your app store.

  • Android (operating system)

You can find the app on Google Play Store. The app only works on newer mobile devices in July*. Starting from August, the mobile device support will be extended and you can download the app for older devices as well.* *

  • iOS (operating system)

You can find the app on App Store in mid-July the latest.

After you have downloaded the Salmi AR app, search for ”Minna Canth AR kierros" (=tour) and download the material. The AR content will pop up on your device when you scan “trigger” images found in locations of the tour with your mobile device.

The Minna Canth tour visits five different locations near Kuopio city center:

  1. Kanttila (Minna Canthin katu 22) – Get to know Minna Canth’s home and business premise Kanttila!
  2. Korttelimuseo (Kirkkokatu 22) – the 19th century zeitgeist portrayed by the writer herself in her salon
  3. Snellmanin puisto (Minna Canthin katu 22) – What did Minna Canth say to the statue of J.V. Snellman?
  4. Yhteiskoulu (Minna Canthin katu 46) – Thoughts on education and future!
  5. Puijo (Puijontie 135, next to the tower))– One of the writer’s favorite is at Puijo

During the fall, more locations will be added to the tour, for example the statue of Minna Canth and the Kuopion Rouvasväenyhdistys association’s premises.

* the Salmi application is already available for the following devices: https://developers.google.com/ar/discover/supported-devices#android_play      

** the Salmi application will be available for the following devices on August: https://www.wikitude.com/documentation/latest/android/supporteddevices.html

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