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The annual Kuopio by Nature 2021 has been published

Kuopio by Nature, the annual journal of the city of Kuopio, has been published. The journal is published annually at the beginning of the year, and showcases the wide range of competencies, business life, development figures, good everyday life and the various leisure opportunities in Kuopio. 

“Last year showed us what a privilege it is to live spaciously, close to nature and activities where you can make the most of nature. The city centre provides direct access to places where you can enjoy the outdoors by taking a hike or, say, cross-country skiing. Great places to hike, forest trails and islands to explore help us cope even in unusual times”, says Marketing Director of Kuopio Kirsi Soininen.

This year’s journal, the second of its kind, showcases the exceptional relationship between Kuopio and waterways.

“Lake Kallavesi has a special place in our hearts in many ways. We are proud of our locally sourced, skilfully prepared cuisine, combined with local culture. Being close to nature and the ease of living produce excellence not only in terms of competence, but also in sports and art”, says Soininen.

Highlighting the elements of good life

Kuopio is a city of many talents where cutting-edge expertise in industry and commerce, with its priorities and clusters, stems from the good cooperation between research, education, innovations and business activities.

In addition to selected themes, the annual publication is built around three elements: hard business facts describing development, soft aspects concerning the atmosphere and family values, and the ease of enjoying leisure time. The numbers reflect a developing, growing city.

“We want Kuopio by Nature to describe the city as a whole through inspiring stories, top expertise and the nature on our doorstep. We get together with stakeholders in the autumn to come up with new, interesting content for the themes and overall scope of the next publication”, says Soininen.

International business card of Kuopio

The aim of the annual Kuopio by Nature publication is to improve the awareness, appeal and attractiveness of Kuopio, both in Finland and abroad.
The English publication presents Kuopio through three themes – Nature, Live Like Local and Future Kuopio – while explaining the double meaning behind the name of the journal and the Kuopio brand.

The annual publication is aimed at, e.g., businesses, investors, stakeholders, the media, decision-makers, tourists, international operators and twin cities.
Kuopio by Nature is produced in cooperation with Kuopio-Tahko Marketing.

“In Kuopio, it seems as if everyone knows a secret about life.”

The publication is available to the stakeholders of the city of Kuopio and can be distributed to partners.

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