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The renewed Puijon Maja restaurant invites you to enjoy the cozy atmosphere: “You’re welcome to pop in even if you’ve gone for a run in the woods”

This week we received an addition to Puijo’s services as the legendary Puijon Maja (maja = cabin) lunch restaurant opened its doors. The restaurant has been offering café services since last Friday and started serving lunch on Wednesday 23.10. Lunch will be served during weekdays from 10.30 am to 2 pm. 

When entering the cabin you will be greeted with a warm and cozy atmosphere with a slight retro twist. Most of the furniture is recycled and purchased at vintage flea markets. The seats have been salvaged from the area’s schools where they were used in the classrooms. The tables are custom made by a carpenter.

"The idea is that Puijon Maja would serve as a cozy and comfy forest living room for the residents and also offer tourists a place where they can meet locals in an authentic environment”, says the restaurant manager Sari Masanen.

The construction of Puijon Maja finished on 1936 but the older parts of it were already built on 1907. The history of the cabin was cherished and respected when renewing the cabin: old log walls are exposed and even the service counter was placed back to its original location.

Recycling, domestic and local produce and hygge are at the heart of the restaurant services at Puijo

Ravintolamestarit Ltd, who also runs the Tower Café and the Tower Restaurant, runs the restaurant services at Puijon Maja. Much like the restaurant and the café, the cabin also strongly presents the nature theme not only in the food but in the décor as well

The décor presents nature and has a twist of retro to it. The seats are former school seats.

Various plants, moss and other nature-related elements decorate the walls, the counter and the food service station. The restaurant makes use of wild herbs from the area and domestic and local produce whenever possible.

The dishes are cooked with domestic and local produce, such as wild herbs harvested from the surrounding woods.

The use of domestic and local produce as well as recycling and reusing old furniture are perfectly in line with the values of Puijo’s restaurant services. According to the restaurant manager Sari Masanen, these values are responsibility, recycling, hygge and ease. In addition, accessibility has been given more thought when renewing the space.

– The idea is that Puijon Maja would serve as a cozy and comfy forest living room for the residents and also offer tourists a place where they can meet locals in an authentic environment”, says Masanen.

–  We want Puijon Maja to be extremely approachable, for example you’re welcome to combine your visit here with hiking in Puijo’s forests and you can pop in and have a break from your run in the woods if you want to. Everyone is welcome: locals, travellers and even your animal friends.  

Attention was paid to kids’ as well: There are toys for the family’s smallest to play with in the wooden bags.

Starting from November ”runner’s breakfast” will also be served on weekends

Starting from November 2019 Puijon Maja will also offer a “runner’s breakfast” on weekends. There will also be a “runner’s sauna”. In addition to the restaurant and café there is also a small shop where you can buy, for example, products from local handicraft artists at the cabin.

The opening of Puijon Maja was celebrated at the end of week 42 with autumn festivities

Puijo’s peak continues to develop – new activities in store for the future

Puijo Peak has great news to offer regarding the activities Puijo has to offer. The selection will grow, and as soon as we get some snow to Kuopio the company will begin to offer husky rides. Husky rides through Puijo’s forests will be offered Saturday afternoons during the winter and it will even be possible to enjoy a husky ride on Christmas Day, admiring the starry night and beautiful atmosphere of the old forests.

During the autumn holiday’s autumn festivities, you could try out virtual 3D glasses and see what it would feel like to ski jump from the large hill. “We are also hoping for a separate 3D lounge for younger people. Virtual ski jumping experience could also be of interest to international visitors and attract people to visit the ski jumping tower.

Puijo Peak also hopes for an accessible themed nature path with added reality. The nature path would offer information on birds and mammals living in Puijo’s forests, for example.

The selection of activities will grow continuously and always keeping in mind the nature values of the area and respecting them. So, what will Puijo look like in the year 2030?

– Our goal is that Puijo will become an internationally valued example of an outdoor activity park on a nature conservation area operating all year round offering services for both the locals as well as for tourists, Puijo Peak visions.