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Three hidden gems to visit in Kuopio in the autumn – experiences nearby that don't require expensive equipment

In August, we encourage you to get to know Kuopio’s three hidden gems – the nature trails in Kolmisoppi-Neulamäki, Puijonnokka – a scenic viewpoint and Kelokylä – a recreational area maintained by the Kurkimäki village association. All locations are near and don’t require expensive equipment, you can just stop by and enjoy the experience and nature. 

Nature trails in Kolmisoppi-Neulamäki
You can admire the scenic views with rocky hills, water and forest at the peak of the nature trail in Kolmisoppi-Neulamäki. At Vuorilampi, you can use the fire pit and barbecue or just enjoy the views. There are three nature trails in the area: they are 5, 4 and about 2 kilometers long. You can get to a nature trail, for example, at the northwest corner of the pond Kolmisoppi, where there’s also a small parking lot for your car. You can also get to the nature trail from Juontotie, a street in the residential area of Neulamäki, or from the nearby playing field. You can also get to the Vuorilampi trail by taking the bus number 4 from the city center to Juontotie in Neulamäki. The bus leaves every half an hour.

Nature trails in Kolmisoppi-Neulamäki

Puijonnokka shelter and scenic viewpoint
At the Puijonnokka laavu (laavu is a typical Finnish shelter where you can, for example, seek shelter, rest, barbecue etc.) you can admire the sunset and the views of northern Kallavesi or brew yourself some coffee over the campfire. Here you can find a laavu i.e. a shelter, a fire pit, a composting toilet and a woodshed. You can get to Puijonnokka from the Aaro J. Jalkanen memorial at Puijonsarventie. The road is widened so you can park your car there. You can get to the shelter up a dirt road or by a nature trail through the pinewood forest. The distance from the road is about 800 meters. You can also get to the shelter from Puijo Tower, it’s about 3,5 kilometers away from Puijo. You can also take the bus number 21 to Päiväranta and switch to bus number 20 to get to Puijonnokka.

Views from Puijonnokka

Kelokylä Camp site
The village association of Kurkimäki has made a huge effort to create a recreational area called Kelokylä along the road Putkinotkontie. The site truly is a proof of collaboration and volunteering. At this extraordinary recreational area you can do some exercise or simply enjoy the nature. You can visit the area freely and it is well equipped. There’s a shelter, a fire pit, a toilet and a stage. There’s also a nature trail of about 6 kilometers, that takes off from the shelter. The trail goes through a young pinewood forest. The trail is accessible by bike, on foot or even with skis. You can park your car for example near the football field by the nearby school. Buses 74 and 75 leave from the city centre to Kelokylä, Kurkimäki. The Kelokylä is only a short walk from the bus stop.

A shelter in Kurkimäki recreational area

Did you know that spending 10 minutes in nature lowers your blood pressure, 20 minutes lifts your spirits and 60 minutes enhances your attention? In addition, exercise affects your energy metabolism, which is also one of nature’s health effects. The forests make our senses vibrant, restores and rejuvenates us.

Also remember the route planner of Kuopio Region Public Transport that helps you plan your trips using public transportation services.  The planner provides good and clear instructions and information about alternative buses and routes.

More information:
Kurkimäki village association on Facebook

Kolmisoppi-Neulamäen luontopolut, Vuorilampi
Kurkimäki recreational area

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