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Try cross-country skiing on the first snow ski tracks at Puijo and Tahko!

The days are long and dark in November and many wish to have something to do to in the winter evenings. The first snow ski tracks at Tahko and Puijo are a good option! Skiing brings wellbeing to the body and mind and helps coping with the darkness. The first snow ski tracks are about one kilometer long and the track profiles are quite easy so everyone from professionals to novices are able to enjoy the fun of winter sports even if there’s no snow elsewhere.

The first snow ski tracks make it possible to start cross-country skiing earlier and enable a longer ski season. The first snow ski track at Tahko was already opened about a month ago, on 11.10. and the first snow ski track at Puijo will open this Friday the 8th November at 10 am! The first snow ski tracks are built with snow stored over the summer under sawdust. Both tracks, Tahko and Puijo, are quite easy for everyone to enjoy the fun of cross-country skiing. The tracks are also easily accessible. The style is free – you can do the classic or free (also called skate skiing) – it’s  your choice! You can even switch it up along the way! But note that there are different kind of skis for the different techniques so prefer the one your skis are meant for. You need to pay for skiing at the first snow ski tracks up to the point when all the other ski tracks are officially opened. We will send out a separate notice when the first snow ski tracks become free of charge.

Puijo’s first snow ski track will be about 1,2 km long and, if the conditions allow, 1,6 km. The track is located at the Puijo ski stadium (Suurmäentie 85). You can get there:
On foot: The ski stadium is located about 2 km from the Kuopio city center. On foot, it will take about 35 to 40 minutes to get there.
By bus: The bus number 5 from the market square takes you to the ski stadium in about 17 minutes.


The track at Tahko is about 0,9 km long, back and forth about 1,8 km. The track is located near the road Tahkonlaaksontie. You can get there:
By car: There are a few possible routes to Tahko. The easiest is to drive to Siilinjärvi, about 25 km from Kuopio, and then take the road Nilsiäntie. Follow the signs to Tahko, which is about 14 km from Siilinjärvi. 
By bus: The bus number 61 goes to Tahko. See the schedules here. In addition, Matkahuolto buses go to Tahko, see the timetables here. The closest bus station is located in Nilsiä from where there is a daily SkiBus connection to Tahko during the winter season free of charge.

Cross-country skiing has plenty of health benefits
Cross-country skiing is a versatile hobby affecting the whole body and having multiple health benefits. Skiing also takes some of the impact stress off your body that is common in many other workout forms. Skiing also activates your cardiovascular system, muscles and nervous system in various ways. Cross-country skiing also improves and challenges your stamina, muscular fitness, coordination and balance. In addition, while moving in nature, your mind will be at ease and you get to see places you probably otherwise wouldn’t or that can only be reached with our versatile ski track network.

You can enjoy cross-country skiing alone or with friends, your spouse or family. If you’ve lost your touch for skiing, or never had any, there are skiing lessons you can take. Remember that skiing is not only fun but also a technically demanding form of sport. You can get the best out of skiing by learning the different skiing methods (classic and free) and understanding the characteristics of skis (glide and grip). In a sense, skiing may also be considered somewhat an equipment sport, as you get more out of it when you have the right kind of equipment, chosen with the help of a professional. When buying skiing equipment you could benefit from the help of a professional seller.  

Price list for the first snow ski track at Puijo:
- day ticket 10 e (personal)
- season ticket 45 e (personal)
- family day ticket 20 e (2 adults + children)

Discounts (students, military servicemen, civil servicemen, unemployed, pensioners):
- day ticket 5 € (personal)
- season ticket 30 € (personal)

Ticket selling points:
* You can purchase a ticket at the ski stadium with MobilePay (there’s a QR-code on site)
* APCSki (Suurmäentie 85), open Mon-Fri 8-18, Sat 10-15 and Sun 11-16

Price list for the first snow ski track at Tahko:
- day ticket 15 e (personal)
- season ticket 75 e (personal)
- season ticket for companies 180 e (buy 3, pay for 2)

Ticket selling points:
* Ticket sales at Tahkolaakso (Tahkolaaksontie 1), +358 29 170 7030, open Mon-Fri 8.00-15.30
* Break Sokos Hotel Tahko (Sääskiniementie 560), +358 10 7629 550, open 24 hours.

Additional information:
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