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Unforeseen exhibition Julius Caesar - from honor to immortality opened in Kuopio Museum

Exhibition Julius Caesar – from honor to immortality draws the portrait of Rome history`s big legend. Awesome ensemble consists of original items from Italy and same period`s objects from Finland. Julius Caesar was an ambitious politician, crafty strategist, skilled orator and merciless warlord, but also a city planner, lawmaker and writer. Caesar achieved an unforeseen power in Rome empire and we can call him the father of empire. Caesar`s assassination changed the history and it is still one of the most exciting stories in history.  

During the exhibition`s events you can immerse yourselves in Antiquity times by guided tours and swordplay shows. Visiting the exhibition you can also investigate the museum`s mystery Dictator`s murder about life and death of Julius Caesar. Read more about museum`s events: Coming events (kuopionmuseot.fi)

Exhibition is made by Italian touring exhibitions`producer Expona and Contemporanea Progetti. Expona`s exhibition production is international and unite museums, collections and experts around the world. They have produced exhibitions in 20 countries in four different continents. Premier of touring exhibition about Julius Caesar in Kuopio Museum was 16.9.2022.