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Virtual Finland Ice Marathon 2021

Finland Ice Marathon will be held in as a virtual event - more info coming up!

The traditional two-day Finland Ice Marathon event will not be held on February 26-27, 2021.

Kalevan Kierros ice skating competition will not be held in Kuopio on Sat February 20 2021.

School skating, Minimaraton for kids, Moonlight Skating and the Skater’s Night Awards Ceremony will not be held in February 2021.

According to the new regulations and recommendations of the Regional Administration of Eastern Finland (AVI) (20 January 2021), it is more responsible and sensible to organize natural ice skating events in 2021 in a slightly different way than in previous years. AVI continued its meeting restrictions in Eastern Finland until February 22, 2021. Public events and general meetings of more than 20 people are prohibited until 22 February 2021.

The ice situation looks good - you can skate in Kuopio's passenger harbor

Something good: natural ice rinks have now been opened in Kuopio's passenger harbor.

The various tracks will be refurbished and opened according to the weather during January. The natural ice skating tracks run through Kuopio harbour and Kuopionlahti to Kuopio Saana in Bellanranta.

Follow the Finland Ice Marathon on Facebook, Instagram and on our website, where we update the latest information on natural ice skating rinks. New maps of the tracks will be released soon.

Virtual Finland Ice Marathon 2021

We will tell you more about the new event in the coming days. We will announce the participation instructions and information about the series, trips and rules later on the Finland Ice Marathon channels (social media and website)

Virtual Finland Ice Marathon 2021 is a free, virtual outdoor and ice skating event. You can register for the virtual Finland Ice Marathon event in our Finlandicemarathon.com website. More info coming up!

The competition period from February 1 to February 28, 2021. In the virtual FIM 2021 race, the Fastest will not be awarded, but the prizes will be drawn. One performance in any sport equals one lottery ticket. The more often you make a run, the better your chances are of winning the draw! Now we are not looking for the fastest movers but the most active!

In addition to this, the three participants who have gathered the most kilometers in each sport will be awarded (ice skating, ice skating with poles, stud biking, kick sledding, and running with studded shoes)! You can participate in any series as many times as you want. Please note, we do not mail awards abroad.

Entry numbers and kilometers will be registered to our registration system. (We will inform the link later)

Youth (under 15) can participate in any sport. Youth will receive a commemorative medal for their participation. The commemorative medal can be picked up after the event (more details will be announced later). The youth must be registered by a parent or guardian in our registration system (contact information required)

Residents can pick up a commemorative medal from the location (more details to be announced later).

For more info go to: www.finlandicemarathon.com/uutiset/virtual-finland-ice-marathon-2021/

The registration link will open later. Your race must be continuous. The result will be announced on the organizer's website. In the virtual event, everyone skates in the area at their own risk. The organizer does not take responsibility for material or health damage. The organizer is not responsible for competitor insurances. Mestar (maintaining company) maintains and repairs the ice daily.

The virtual event does not reward the fastest performers. The prizes are drawn. Each entry corresponds to one lottery ticket. The more often you participate, the more likely you are to win prizes.

Participation for all those who have already registered will be automatically transferred to the 2022 event free of charge.

If you have registered for one of the Finland Ice Marathon races (biking, kick sledding or ice skating), your registration will be automatically transferred for free to the 2022 Finland Ice Marathon event (Finland Ice Marathon 2022 / 25.-26.2.2022).

If you have any questions about your eligibility, please contact:

Tiina Kiiskinen (Competition Office), 044 702 1915, tiina.kiiskinen(a)pohjois-savonliikunta.fi

Additional information:

Pohjois-Savo Liikunta is responsible for the event and the program

Esa Pietikäinen (Event Manager, Pohjois-Savon Liikunta ry), 044 491 8062, esa.pietikainen(a)pohjois-savonliikunta.fi

The track is maintained by the Master

Kai Aho (foreman, track master), 044 718 5009