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We celebrate 5 years of Kuopio National City Park and open an outdoor gym

We will spend Kuopio National City Park`s 5 year celebration on September 28 in Väinölänniemi Park, next to the beach at 4-6 pm. In the program: outdoor gym opening and equipment guiding, National City Park`s memory stone revelation and planting of the celebration tree.

There are eleven different gym devices in outdoor gym in Lake Kallavesi landscapes. Additionally there are devices for bodyweight training. Outdoor gym is open for everybody for free.

Celebration tree and memory stone as a honor to National City Park

Oak will be planted in the small square next to Väinölänniemi tennis courts as a honor to 5 years old National City Park.

Oak is a solid national kind of tree, which lives for a long time. Oak is a live legend, which represents healthy spirit, stability and high mind, - tells Sirpa Nieminen, design horticulturist from City of Kuopio.

Also National City Park`s memory stone will be revelated during the ceremony, which will remind future generations about city`s culture, history, ecology and esthetic values.

Kuopio got a National City Park title in 2017 from ministry of environment.
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