Uutiset Uutiset


Welcome to get to know Savilahti - home for people and ideas!

Unique studying environment, world class research labarotories, libraries, art, joint living rooms, life, well-being, joy and inspiration! Savilahti Day invites everyone interested to get to know this unique part of the city.

For many of us Savilahti looks like a massive building project and changing worksite, but this Kuopio`s pearl includes already a huge amount of know-how, learning and trying and also common weekdays and life.

Now Savilahti neighborhood invites residents and media to get to know its properties and activities! Savilahti Day on Tuesday 15.11.2022 starting from 2 pm is the joint event of Savilahti`s operators.

There are open doors events and programs in the University of Eastern Finland (Yliopistonranta 1), Savonia UAS (Microkatu 1), Savo Vocational College (Hehkukatu 1), KPY Novapolis CoWork environment (Microkatu 1M) and HUB Panostamo (Microkatu 1 L).

City of Kuopio presents the developing of Savilahti and its projects (KPY Novapolis, A-lobby, Microkatu 1). Savilahti Valo arranges from 4 pm the Light Effect event, which includes reflectors`hunting and the guided presenting of art and lighting objects. 
There is a free transfer to Savilahti Day event from the city center by Hop-on Hop-off city bus: every full hour from the city center to Savilahti and every half past an hour from Savilahti to the city center. Bus leaves in front of the City Hall and in Savilahti from the the bus stop in the yard of Microkatu 1 building. The last bus leaves from Savilahti at 7.30 pm.

Additional information about the event: savilahti.com/savilahtipaiva