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The wellness bracelet for children and young people is now called the LIIKKIS bracelet

Promoting the wellbeing of children and young people is one of the most important goals of the city of Kuopio. This goal is met by a wellness bracelet for children and young people. Wellbeing services provided by the city have been combined into one affordable entity in the bracelet. At the end of last year, children and young people from Kuopio voted for the name of the wellness bracelet, and Liikkis was chosen as the name of the bracelet. 

The bracelets have been popular and have sold more than 3,000 pieces in a year. 

“In my opinion, this bracelet makes it easier to go to the gym and swimming in Kuntolaakso, because you can just beep the bracelet and go in. Easy and convenient”, commented Sofia Friman, one of the Liikkis-bracelet users.

All Kuopio residents under the age of 20 are entitled to the Liikkis-bracelet. The bracelet can be purchased from the customer service of Kuopio Hall, Lippumäki and Kuntolaakso Swimming Hall for 6 or 12 months at a time. The price of the bracelet is 40 € / 6 months and 70 € / 12 months, and in addition, for the first time you have to buy the bracelet itself that costs 7.90 €.

The bracelet can be used for the Kuntolaakso and Lippumäki swimming halls as well as their gyms and the Kuopio Hall gym and running track area. Benefits also include movie screenings of Kino Kuvakukko's premiere program, according to the age limits of the movies (does not apply to film clubs). In addition, the bracelet provides a 10 € discount on course fees for courses for children under the age of 20 at the Kuopio Community College. The bracelet's service offering will be supplemented in the future.

Alongside the Liikkis-bracelet, Kuopio City Orchestra and City Theater offer all children under the age of 20 and students tickets redeemed on the day of the performance for 4 €, if there are still tickets left at that time. The benefit applies to the orchestra's seasonal concerts and can be redeemed from the Kuopio Music Center. Tickets for City Theater performances can be redeemed at the theater outlets on the day of the performance. The advantage applies to Kuopio City Theater's own performances.

For more information on the Liikkis bracelet:
• From the website www.kuopio.fi/en/liikkisranneke
• Recently released Liikkis-video: https://vimeo.com/497882879