Mäntyrinne Family Support Centre

The Mäntyrinne Family Support Centre operates within the Service Area for Social Services.

The Family Support Centre is a child welfare institution in which social workers place a child/young person/family
for a period of time agreed with the client. The placement is in accordance with the Child Welfare Act,
as an emergency placement, taking into care or community care support measure.

The Mäntyrinne Family Support Centre operates around the clock.

The Family Support Centre:

  • supports the individual development and growth of children and young people as well as the management of daily life together with  parents and support networks.
  • helps a child/young person/family learn daily routines and social skills through clear rules. Normally, the child or young person continues to attend school, and the
    continuation of existing care relationships is safeguarded.
  • assesses together with the family and networks the necessary support measur when the placement ends and works towards the goals.

The Mäntyrinne Family Support Centre has five units:

  •  Family crisis unit
     six places for families with small children
  •  Vesala
     seven places mainly for children aged 7 to 13  years and
     two family rehabilitation place.
  •  Toukola
     seven places for teenagers aged 13 to 17 years.
  •  Reception and assessment unit
     seven places for teenagers aged 13 to 17 years.
  •  Community care
     intended for families with children aged between 13 and 17 years.
     The aim is to prevent or shorten placement.


Contact information Contact information

Lastentie 5, 70620 Kuopio
Vesala, tel. +358 17 183 236
Family crisis unit, tel. +358 17 183 395
Community care, tel. +358 17 183 395

Lastentie 1 C, 70620 Kuopio
Toukola, tel. +358 17 185 814

Kaartokatu 9 A, 3rd floor, 70100 Kuopio
Reception and assessment unit, tel. +358 44 718 1651

Head of the Family Support Centre
Sari Räsänen, tel. +358 44 718 5813