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Coronavirus in Kuopio - information about new restrictions and recommendations as of 2 December 2020

Although we still have the coronavirus epidemic at a stable level in Kuopio, we are making every effort to avoid the acceleration phase and community transmission phase of the coronavirus infection. It is even more important to follow the guidelines and safety measures. For instance you should use a face mask always when close contact cannot be avoided.

You must not go to school or public spaces, if you have any symptoms. In public as well as private spaces, you have to make sure that everyone can avoid close contact.

For new, updated regional guidelines and restrictions, please see:

Mask recommendation has been in force in Kuopio general upper secondary schools already for some time and this will continue. Students with limited means in general upper secondary school can collect their masks also in future from the city distribution points.

No actual recommendation has been given, yet, for grades 7 to 9 (middle school) in Kuopio. Based on the local Covid-19 Team (so-called Corona Fist) guideline, mask use also in middle school is recommended; both pupils and staff are encouraged to do so.

General upper secondary or middle schools will not provide face masks for their pupils and students for the time being. However, the situation is being monitored in cooperation with the infectious disease authorities. If the situations changes for worse, we will switch to community transmission phase recommendations regarding masks as given by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).

Common, traditional matriculation celebrations and Christmas parties will be cancelled, if the number of participants exceeds the given limit. Parties shall be hosted with alternate arrangement: for instance, online or by dividing guests into smaller groups.

Private parties with more than 50 guests (e.g. family gatherings) are not recommended. In small spaces the recommendation is to avoid groups of more than 10 persons.

The effect of new guidelines to the City of Kuopio Services

Regional guidelines have various effects on the City of Kuopio services. For more information, on a regularly updated webpage, of the effects on, for instance, educational institutions, recreational activities, sports facilities, cultural institutions and libraries, please see here: (in Finnish)