Appointments and Guidance in Oral and Dental Care

Patients’ phone calls are received and handled as urgent or non-urgent, in accordance with the patients’ choice, by the client service. Urgent calls to the dental care are answered throughout the telephone time and admittance to treatment is determined by the urgency of the need for services. If it is not possible to answer all non-urgent calls, the client can leave a request for a return call, which is met during the same day.

The system allows both normal contact and booking and cancelling of appointments. Cancellation of an appointment on the same day can be made by choosing urgent need for treatment in the OSCC system.

Details: Chief Dentist Maija Rajamaa, 044 718 6601, maija.rajamaa(at)

Admittance to treatment is determined according to the degree of urgency of the need for services. Appointments are made by calling the central appointment desk of the oral and dental care:

017 186 611, Mon-Fri at 7:45-11 am

The degree of urgency of the need for treatment is estimated by the appointment desk. A system of return calls is used by the appointment desk. Contact information of the emergency clinic for oral and dental care outside the office hours can be found on the column to the right on this page.

Reminder of an Appointment with Text Message

Clients receive a reminder of an approaching appointment two days in advance by a text message that is sent to their mobile phone number listed in the patient records. A fee of 50,80 euros is charged from clients over the age of 15 for unused and uncancelled appointments regardless of whether a text message was received or not.

The text message shows the name of the client and details of the appointment. Prior to receiving the text message, the client has already received an advance notice about the details of the appointment either by post, by phone or when visiting the clinic.

The electronic booking system for oral and dental care is out of service

The electronic booking is out of service due to change of the patient data management system. The system will be operational again during the spring of 2018.

On-Call Dentist on Weekdays

On weekdays at 4-9 pm the oral and dental emergency care operates an on-call dentist system, enabling the oral emergency service to call a dentist to assist in treatment if the need for treatment of the patient meets the emergency criteria (listed below).

Criteria for Urgent Emergency Treatment in Oral and Dental Care on Public Holidays and Weekends

1. Clear swelling, limited ability to open the mouth, difficulty with swallowing.

2. Assaults, dental injuries or suspected broken jaw.

3. Extreme dental pain (continuous, preventing sleep, painkillers do not help).

4. Extreme pain when biting. A loose tooth or strong pain prevent biting. Limited ability to open the mouth.

Contact Contact

Appointments Mon-Fri at 7:45-11 am

017 186 611

Emergency Dental Care Mon-Fri

  • at 7:45-11 am tel. 017 186 611
  • at 11 am-3:30 pm telephone exchange 017 182 111
  • at 3:30-4 pm tel. 017 186 611
  • after 4 pm tel. 116 117 telephone service

Emergency Dental Care on Public Holidays and Weekends

  • At 8-9 am, 017 174 020
  • at other times tel. 116 117 telephone service