Oral health care appointments and information


Making and cancelling appointments


Our telephone service separates urgent and non-urgents calls.

In urgent cases you can call mo-fri between 7.45 and 16.00. Cancelling same and next day appointments can also be done during the same hours.

In non-urgent appointments and inquiries a call back service is in use. You can leave us a call request and we will call you back the same day or at the latest in three days.


Non-urgent appointments ja information:

mo-fri at 7.45-11.00 tel. 017 186 611

Same and next day cancellations:

mo-fri at 7.45-16.00 tel. 017 186 611

Urgent appointments:

mo-fri at 7.45-16.00 tel. 017 186 611

mo-fri after 16.00 tel. 116 117 (urgent care information service)

Urgent appointments during weekends and public holidays:

at 8.00-9.00 tel. 017 174 020

other hours tel. 116 117 (urgent care information service)


Text message reminder


You will receive a reminder of your upcoming appointment by text message, if you have given us yous mobile phone number. The text message containts the customer´s name and information conserning the next appointment.

You will primarily receive information about your next appointment by mail, telephone or at the previous appointment. If you do not come to your appointment or cancel it on time, a fine of 50,80 euros will be charged from patients 15 yrs or older, regardless if you have received the text message reminder or not.


Changes due to the Corona virus pandemic:


Urgent dental care is given also during the state of emergency. If you suspect havinf contracted the corona virus, please contact the health care information of you area or the urgent care information service. Do not come to the dental care appointment, if you are sick. Please cancel your appointment immediately, if you are experiencing any kind of respiratory symptoms.

Patients in need of urgent dental care with respiratory symptoms are treated separately. You will receive further information from our customer service.

Please keep a safe distance to other people in the waiting rooms. The use of masks is recommended. Pleas wash of disinfect your hands when entering the dental clinic.

Avoid crowding in the waiting rooms and arrive just a little before your appointment time. Keep safety distances. If you require an assistant, bring only one with you.

Our customer service is very busy at the moment. Please note that we might be able to call you back the next day. Plese leave only one call request.



Criteria for Urgent Emergency Treatment in Oral and Dental Care on Public Holidays and Weekends

1. Clear swelling, limited ability to open the mouth, difficulty with swallowing.

2. Assaults, dental injuries or suspected broken jaw.

3. Extreme dental pain (continuous, preventing sleep, painkillers do not help).

4. Extreme pain when biting. A loose tooth or strong pain prevent biting. Limited ability to open the mouth.