University of Applied Sciences Student Health Care

Student health care services are available to all students who study full time for at least two months and who are entitled to a study grant.

Kuopio municipal student health care services are provided at Tulliportinkatu 15, I, 4th floor (entrance from Maaherrankatu).

See Presentation video of Savonia UAS student health care services



Student health care services are only with a reservation.

Telephone hours for student health care services Tel 044 718 6570

  • Mon-Fri 8-10 am and  Mon-Thu 12-13 pm

You can  book an appointment with the student health care nurse in non-urgent matters such as medical check-up, contraception, sexual health and vaccinations. Apointments for mental health and wellbeing services and for study-related appointments you can still book new ones.

You must not to come to any appointment if you’re unwell. If you suffer from the flu or other symptoms, you must cancel your appointment by phone.

  • You must have had at least one (1) non-symptomatic day before coming to an appointment.

If you need  medical care, please contact  the  local health services by phone or  student health services during the telephone hours. 
You find your local health center here (“Appointment Search”):

Outside office hours (after 4pm), contact the emergency Puijo Hospital (Kuopio University Hospital) by phone, at 116 117.  The emergency services are located in the premises of the Kuopio University Hospital (KUH) at Puijonlaaksontie 2.

Public Health Nurses of Savonia University of Applied Sciences 

Address: Tulliportinkatu 15, Stairway I, 4th floor (entrance from Maaherrankatu)

Tourism and Hospitality, Technology
Public Health Nurse tel 044 718 6239

Health Care
Public Health Nurse tel 044 718 6570

Business Administration, Music, Dance, Design, Humak
Public Health Nurse tel 044 7186238
Emergency Services College, officers
Public Health Nurse tel 044 718 6279 Kaartokatu 9, Building A1,door 2, 4th floor, and Hulkontie 83.

Telephone hours of the public health nurse (phone numbers above)

  • Mon-Thu at 8-10 am and 12 noon-1 pm
  • Fri at 8-9 am

Services of public health nurse with an appointment
An appointment is required in matters such as health checks, initiation and monitoring of contraception, MRSA samples, planning of the immunization schedule related to student exchange together with matters concerning your state of health, studies or ability to cope.

Services of Student Health Care Physician

An appointment for a student health care physician can be booked from the student health care nurse. In Kuopio, medical care for students is provided mainly by the student health care services.

In case the student health care is unable to book a doctor’s appointment the student will be referred primarily to the team of physicians in the health care centre of the region where the student is studying, and secondarily to the municipal emergency clinic.

Illness and accidents:

Urgent Medical Care and Emergency Services:


If you can present a valid European Health Insurance Card or other valid document giving you the same rights for health care as Finnish citizens, the following prices are applicable for you:

Students above the age of 18 pay a fee of 20,60 € for a visit to a physician in health care centres and student health care services (A 7§). The fee is charged for the first three visits within a calendar year.

The fee for unused and uncancelled appointments with a physician for students over the age of 15 (A 25 §) is 50,80 €.

If you do not have any of the above mentioned documents, please see Information on fees and recidence

Health Checks

All first-year students receive a medical history questionnaire. You can book your own appointment for a health check. Based on data derived from the medical history questionnaire, student-specific health check appointments are also offered by the public health nurse.

Savonian Kuopion yksikön opiskelijat voivat asioida terveydenhoitajan kanssa salatulla tietoturvasuojatulla sähköpostiyhteydellä.

Download the questionnaire. After filling, return the document to a nurse at Tulliportinkatu 15, Stairway I, 4th floor.

Instructions for students of social welfare and healthcare Instructions for students of social welfare and healthcare

Instructions for students of Business Administration, Technology, IT, Music, Dance, Design, Tourism and Hospitality, Humak Instructions for students of Business Administration, Technology, IT, Music, Dance, Design, Tourism and Hospitality, Humak

Regarding incoming foreign exchange students and foreign degree students

It is important to find out which vaccinations you are required to have and take them before leaving your home country.

Information on vaccinations

Please also find out in advance whether you are required to have a tuberculosis screening before arriving to Finland.

Information on tuberculosis screening

Please find out all the required information for the medical questionnaire in advance and bring the fully answered questionnaire sheet with you to the opening info held by the student nurse.

Medical questionnaire