City Customer Services

City of Kuopio switchboard

Tel. +358 17 182 111
Monday–Friday 8.00am–3.30pm

You can search for contact details by name, telephone number, job title or department.

Kuopio Info

Kuopio Info provides information on city services and tourist attractions in finnish, english and russian. Kuopio Info also sells tickets for performances at the Kuopio City Theatre and Kuopio Music Centre. You can also buy Waltti travel cards for Kuopio region Public Transport from Kuopio Info. Among other things, you can get Kuopio brochures and maps free of charge. There are also Kuopio-themed products for sale at Kuopio Info, such as umbrellas, notebooks and parking discs. You can also pay Kuopio City bills in Kuopio Info.

Kuopio Info
In the Apaja Shopping Centre
Street address: Kauppakatu 45
Postal address: PO Box 228, 70101 Kuopio
Tel: +358 800 182 050 (toll-free number), +358 17 182 584 (toll number)
Email: palveluneuvonta (at)

Opening hours:
Mon 9.00am–5.00pm
Tue-Thu 9.00am-4.00pm
Fri 9.00am-3.00pm

Customer Service at the Council Office Building

The Customer Service desk is located in the main lobby of the Council Office Building. General information is available, particularly relating to the urban environment: building, town planning, traffic and parking. You can also pay invoices sent by the city, buy fishing and hunting licences and Waltti travel cards for public transport. Kuopio brochures, maps and application forms are also available free of charge.

Customer Service at the Council Office Building
Street address: Suokatu 42
Postal address: PO Box 1097, 70111 Kuopio
Tel: +358 800 918 511 (toll-free number), or +358 17 185 044 (toll number)
Fax: +358 17 185 048
Email: kaupunkiymparisto(at)

Opening hours:
Mon–Wed 8.00am–3.30pm
Thu 8.00am–4.00pm
Fri 8.00am-2.00pm

Customer Service of the Karttula district

Address: Kissakuusentie 6, 72100 Karttula
Tel: +358 17 184 906, or +358 17 184 963
Fax: +358 17 184 999
Email: asiakaspalvelu.karttula(at)

Opening hours:
Mon–Thu 8.00am–11am and 12 noon–3.00pm
Fri 8.00am–11.00am and 12 noon–2.00pm

Customer Service of the Maaninka district

Address: Maaningantie 32, 71750 Maaninka
Tel: +358 17 488 211
Email: asiakaspalvelu.maaninka(at)

Opening hours:
Mon, Wed and Thu 8.00am–11am and 12 noon–3.00pm

Customer Service of the Nilsiä district

Address: Nilsiäntie 78, 73300 Nilsiä
Tel: +358 17 482 220
Email: asiakaspalvelu.nilsia(at)

Opening hours:
Mon-Thu 8.00am–11.00am and 12 noon–3.00pm
Fri 8.00am–11.00am and 12 noon–2.00pm

Customer Service of the Juankoski district

Address: Juankoskentie 13, 73500 Juankoski
Tel: +358 17 188 400
Email: asiakaspalvelu.juankoski(at)

Opening hours:
Tue and Wed 8.00am–11am and 12 noon–3.00pm